Monday, November 12, 2018

Bible Distribution in The Dominican Republic: Update2

The flag of the Dominican Republic has the Bible and Cross in the center and above the crest are the words: 
God, country and freedom. 

I experienced something today that I’ve long to do in my own country. I placed the Word of God in the hands of boys and girls in public schools. In addition we were allowed to share the “Plan of Salvation” right there in the classroom. 

These are some of the local Gideons that I teamed up with to pass out nearly 3000 New Testaments in 4 schools today. But what I want you to see is on the wall behind us is Psalm 23 on the left and Noah’s Ark on the right. 

In addition to the kids, we also passed out Testaments to teachers, staff and security guards. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Bible Distribution in the Dominican Republic

Fred Clark is part of the family at Stafford Crossing. He is currently serving with Gideons International in the Dominican Republic. Here is an update.

9 of us from around the world (8 from the USA and 1 from Australia) arrived in the Dominican Republic on Saturday Nov 3rd with the intention of putting God’s word into the hands of 150,000 people.  Our first official act as a group was to get on our knees and pray for the success of the  mission. 

After pray each of us was assigned to a team of local Gideons. One to be our driver, one to be our interpreter and others to help with distributions. On Sunday morning, we were each assigned to a church where we would share what God was doing through the Gideons. This was the Church I was assigned to. 

Carlos, my driver is on the left with his wife and Abib, my translator is on the right with his wife. Both Wives are members of the Gideon Auxiliary. 

Early Monday our team went to Hotels to place or replace Bibles. The team also went to jails and hospitals. By the end of the day we had visited 8 Hotels, 2 hospitals and 2 jails. We placed 2423 bibles in hotels and placed 338 New Testaments in the hands of nurses, patients, police, prisoners and hotel staff. 

Today started early. Up at 5, praying at 5:30 and on our way to the 100,000 student campus of the University of Santo Domingo. Our 6 teams were strategically located around the outskirts of the Campus and with the help of the locals 30,000 testaments were individually placed into the hands of students by noon. The distribution continues got 7 more hours. I’m anticipating the final total will be over 50,000!!!!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow because we will be going to public schools to place God’s word into the hands of the youth of Santo Domingo. 

Fred Clark

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Hurricane Florence Response Team: Update

The team has had a very busy week. Everyone is a little sore and tired which is good because the
week is coming to an end. We have removed trees from houses. We have torn out furniture, fixtures, and so much mold. It really is heartbreaking to stand next to home owners as they watch us carry all their belongings to the curb to be disposed of. We have prayed with families and with neighbors who stand by watching. We have been given a heroes welcome when we show up at job sites and we even had a family pay our bill at a local restaurant.
It’s good to be a part of the family of God as we, together, seek to bring hope to an otherwise hopeless situation.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Hurricane Florence Response

Our team arrived in New Bern, NC yesterday evening. Our home for the week is called Camp Hope. This is the local headquarters for Christ In Action while they are serving families in New Bern. What an amazing operation! CIA brings portable bathrooms, showers, and a kitchen. Truckloads of supplies and equipment are staged and ready to go every morning. Check out Christ In Action here to get an idea of their capacity for ministry.
Today, we split into teams and went to three different homes that have been damaged by flood water.

We cleared brush, repaired roofs and pulled water-logged ducts out of crawlspaces. Our goal is to make these homes livable while the families wait for insurance and other agencies to start the rebuilding process. These families have been through so much in these past few weeks, but they are so gracious and thankful for the help.

Here’s Mark, Pam and Cash after some crawl space time.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Are You Ready?

Hurricane Florence is threatening. She is gaining strength and is expected to make
landfall in the Mid-Atlantic part of the country this week. Milk is flying off the shelves and gasoline tanks are being filled. We know we should be prepared for these things, but sometimes, we don't know how.

Have you considered that being prepared is a missions opportunity? If we can make sure that our family has what it needs to shelter in place for the first 72 hours, we can focus outward. We can check on our neighbors. We can check on extended family. We can offer refuge when the storm comes. Doesn't that sound like an opportunity to serve the needs of others? This is an chance to showcase the love of Jesus and His disciples.

Here is a great post with some tips on being prepared.

On October 20, 2018, Stafford Crossing Community Church will be hosting a "Disaster Preparedness Seminar." The goal of this event is to help us develop a plan for our families, a plan for our church family, and a plan to coordinate with local agencies and meet the needs of the community in the event of a disaster.

You can find out more and register here.

Please consider coming. Let's all be better prepared to weather the next storm.