Friday, September 20, 2019

Iran Region

Currently, there are two of us traveling in a country near Iran. We need to be a little vague to ensure the security of the local ministries we are working with.

We arrived last week and hit the ground running. We have had the honor of visiting and encouraging churches in five cities and we have one more to go. It has been an amazing journey. It is so encouraging to see these churches impacting their
communities and advancing the Kingdom under great duress. They are made up of families from Iran who are living here as refugees with VERY limited rights. Life is hard and they are largely unwelcome. In spite of this, they persevere. In one town, there are 30 known Iranians and 18 of them attend the local church. They are more than halfway to the goal!

While it is encouraging to see the excitement in the churches, it is heart-breaking to hear some of the stories. These families have sacrificed all to follow Jesus. They have suffered greatly in Iran and the suffering continues, in many ways, in this country.

It is a strange feeling when you lay in bed at night processing such hope and joy mixed with such sadness for what these families are enduring.

Pray that we can finish strong. See you soon.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Local Missions Grants

At Stafford Crossing, we recognize that there are great needs here in our own community. We are
passionate about meeting those needs in an effort to make the love of Jesus evident to a watching world.

The best way for us to discover the need and then to meet the need is through our church family. You see the needs that others may not. You are close to people in need in your neighborhood. You are the front line of local missions.

When we encounter a need and an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus, we are called to engage. Here is how we do that.

  • Identify the need.
  • Enlist your family, friends, and small group.
  • Gather resources.
  • Meet the need.
When it is time to gather resources, Stafford Crossing wants to help. We have made available "Missions Grants" to help cover the cost. Simply fill out this online application and we will be in touch. 

Let's all be on mission together, around the world and across the street.

Monday, July 22, 2019

A Good Day at Upper Room

Thanks for your prayers for our team in Kingston! Yesterday we had a great time of worship with Upper Room Community Church. After church we shared an enjoyable time of fellowship over a meal with about a dozen leaders from this dear church that took us to nearly 4:00 p.m. A quick change of clothes brought us to the last session of the "Life's Healing Choices" training. We met for 8 hours on Saturday and then 2 hours Sunday evening. There were 8 churches and 29 people present. The way God moved Sunday night was so humbling. Our team believes several of these churches will follow through with the 8-week Bible study. Pray that God will give them great clarity on their next steps.

Today we are headed to Ocho Rios to visit with Anthony and Barbara Richards (leaders of Teen Challenge Jamaica) and visit the men's farm and women's center. After that we will head to visit some of the beauty of this country at Blue Hole. Tomorrow is our travel day back home. Please continue to pray for us.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Jamaica Medical Clinic

Thanks for your continued prayers for our team in Kingston, Jamaica. Tonight we celebrated the conclusion of our medical clinic with a jerk chicken cookout prepared by Teen Challenge Jamaica. We have been so encouraged by the growth in the leadership team at Upper Room Community Church. The nationals planned and led the clinic. Nearly 300 people received some kind of medical care. The fruit of many years of labor by Stafford Crossing is so evident. We cannot wait to see what God continues to do in this church! 

Please pray as we spend all day Saturday doing Life's Healing Choices training with several churches in the area. It will be a full and exciting day.

Thursday, July 18, 2019