Friday, April 27, 2018

Jamaica Spring Mission: Darryl's View

It is hard to believe another week on the mission field is nearing an end. However, the impact on us and the impact on those we served will live on. Our team represented Jesus and Stafford Crossing well. I appreciate the way Mark DeCourcey led the staff at Teen Challenge through 8 sessions of staff training. I am always amazed at how Scott Norcross leads the construction side of our trips. I am thankful for all the details Skip Cosner drives for our team. Every man on the job, those who led devotions, those who selflessly washed
dishes and did whatever asked brought much glory to Jesus. Please continue to pray for Jamaica Teen Challenge. Their opportunities are limitless and their challenges are equally abundant. 

We wrapped up our trip up this afternoon by seeing some amazing sights of God's magnificent creatin at Blue Hole. Our God is amazing!

Our team knows, and we want to remind you, we are called to live on mission every where and every day.

See you Sunday! 

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