Thursday, June 28, 2018

Uganda, June 2018: Debi's View

What an awesome place! 

The people here are so hospitable - they have little or nothing but go out of their way to prepare huge meals for us. They have some of the biggest hearts for the Lord that I’ve seen, children and adults worship with abandon. We came here to minister but I find myself constantly being ministered to. There is so much that we can learn. 

Every place we’ve been we have received a huge welcome. Today a few of us were blessed with a
visit to a cell group that met at the home of one of the members. We were greeted with smiles and hugs and handshakes that rivaled any homecoming I’ve ever received. It was such a blessing to share time with our sisters in Christ. While it thundered and poured rain outside we were huddled in a small mud hut with 25 sweet ladies, safe and dry, worshipping our Lord. 

I haven’t mentioned the children...what can I say, they have stolen my heart. I will never forget their sweet smiles and how they enjoy the simple things in life.

During our time here I have been constantly reminded and convicted about the excesses in my life. I’ve been reminded of the saying, “A change of place and a change of pace brings a change of perspective.” There will be much to process when we return, I know that I will never be the same after what I have experienced. 

Feeling very blessed.

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